A Love Thing


I have loved but never loved in return.

Loved but forbids for each other.

And loved but played by the other. It hurts.

But still, I continue to love without expectations at the end.


Well, isn’t it the art of loving?

Giving without receiving. I’ve been there many times.

And you know what’s good about it?

You knew to whom you really are be, you knew that certain people are pathetic.


You may have loved them dearly and put them in the most special place in your heart, If he/she is not for you… It’s NOT FOR YOU.

You learn to let go, learn to be happy. ‘Cause you’ve been unhappy.

You learn to see things through people that others cannot, and you learn to understand.

Maybe loving parallels to understanding, you loved someone just because you love them and whatever flaws it has means beauty already to you.. ’cause you understand.





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