“Should I hold on?”

We knew each other like were meant to be, since we were born
I like the things you like, hate the things we hate
Fight at the foods we have, for I ate yours then you snatch mine
And laughed at silly things we don’t really understood

I grew up fast while you remain dwarf
You took advantage of it, so I became your personal maid
Can you get me that? Can you hand me those?
If only you weren’t a girl and my bestfriend– I already threw you at the trash before…

…I miss you, you know that?
Haven’t heard from you since your family migrated
I stalk you everyday but hold myself to message you again
The last time I message you, you didn’t reply a thing but blocked me instead.

It hurts, thinking you might remain to be a history.
Should I hold on from the precious memories of our past?
I miss laughing with you, those silly tickles and midnight snacks
Should I hold on that someday we’ll find ourselves together again?



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