One day, we just grew up hating each other, had fights and not talked for days…

Are we still doing this?

Yes, why not?

Do you even still– love me?

I– I don’t .. know—

Everything really is good at the start.. only at the start.

One minute you’re inlove, and a second you’re already tired..

Can that be also considered as love? I guess, not.

The both of you are broken, maybe it takes one’s self to heal but not one another.

I guess when you love, you are really ready to love.

Not because you are lonely beacause you are alone, but because you are recharge by being alone. And that you have so much to give, that you need someone to pour it out.

Love because you are capable of loving, not capable of somebody’s burden.

Love because it gives someone’s joy, not to be someone’s ploy.



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